My First Proposal


These are not the words but feelings of mine to convey her today( Valentine’s day).

( My actual proposal starts……………………………………………….)

You are not my attraction but my reflection.

I never feel you are the half of me. Because you are me while I’m you. You are nothing but me, I’m nothing but you.

I do not find a world other than you since you are a world to me.

My heart beats to meet the heights of late nights with you.

If I were the sky, you are the stars.

If I were the rain,you are the drops

If I were the heart, you are the beat

You are the Lakshmi of the my inner home . You are the Goddess of my wanted dream. You are the queen of my kingdom named “Life”.

I want you (to) change my fate entirely by touching my forehead with your lips.

I want your eyes to be placed in the eyes of mine, the rays of love traversing each other. It’s the love,an unconditioned one having a bright hope of life.

Dear miss, I want to kiss

Just a gentle one on your cheek

Our touch may make our lives an essence for living.

In this One life, My two eyes are waiting to tell three words that

I love you.

You are my angel who only has a castle in my lovable heart

I want to leave my heart to you since I had yours.

I love to say that I live to love you and love to live with you.

I love you . I mean I do only love you.

The touch of your foot into my life will absolutely glorify me and my life.

I might not be born for you, neither will die for you.

But, live for you and with you.

I strongly believe the essence of my presence on this planet emerges with the arrival of you into my world. Your presence turns my existence to living.

My life is for you

My love is for you

You are my life

You are my love


The two hearts hugs each other happily.

As per me,

L — learning

O — of

V — various

E — emotions


L — love

I — Me

F — For

E -ever

Love is the only reason for our life(existing lives) and there is no life with out Love.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —By Your Valentine.